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VIDA: Women in Literary Arts started The WILLA List to note great books by women that Publishers Weekly missed in their all-men top ten "Best Books of 2009" (they included just 29 women authors on their extended list of 100!). The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit an entry, so we can all work together to chronicle our favorite books by women in 2009. Please add your favorites in alphabetical order in the correct category, but please be sure the book was first published in 2009. Open edit means that sometimes there will be unverified entries, or additions to the page that aren't in the spirit of the wiki. We'll clean them up at our earliest convenience. The list will close at the end of November. If you'd like to republish the list, please be sure to link this wiki, thank you!

For those interested, VIDA is a burgeoning literary organization. Please visit our website at

Here's how you can list a book:

  • Choose a great 2009 book by a woman author.
  • Verify that the book you want to list was first published in 2009, NOT the paperback (unless the book was originally published in paperback in 2009, of course). You can easily find publication dates on web sites like Amazon or Powell's Books or in the book itself.
  • Once you know the book was originally published in 2009 click the edit button below
  • Find the genre of your title
  • Find the alphabetical place for your author
  • The easiest way to add an entry? Copy an existing entry. Copy all of it (from the * to the very end), paste it into your correct alphabetical slot, and replace the details (author's name, link to a Web page if one is available--we recommend the author's web site or a Google Books listing--and lastly, the title of the book).
  • Click "Save Page" (at bottom of page)
  • You will be asked to type in a word for verification. Do that (it'll be at the top of the page), then click "Save Page" again. Voila!
  • Feel free to double-list a cross-genre work!

Great Books By Women In 2009